Gun Surrender Program
The Salem County Prosecutor’s Office has partnered with police and several local businesses in an effort to prevent unwanted guns from being stolen or lost and later used in a crime.

Salem County residents may — with no-questions-asked — surrender unwanted firearms in exchange for up to $150 in gift certificates to either Wal-Mart, Acme Market, or Botino’s IGA Food Market.  A firearm in operating condition may be exchanged for a $25 gift certificate.  Non-working firearms, BB-guns, and bulk quantities of ammunition may be exchanged for $5 gift certificates.

SCPO Gun Surrender Events are held at various locations in Salem County throughout the year.  These events are announced in the local newspaper.

Diversity In Law Enforcement Academy (DILEA)

DILEA Youth Week is a youth education program developed by the Salem County Prosecutor’s Office. This program presents simulated law enforcement programs for male and female students who are entering heir junior year or entering their senior year of High School.

The week’s activities include lectures and presentations covering many facets of police work and criminal justice. Participants will be exposed to a disciplined quasi-military environment, including military drill in combinationwith structured fast moving programs of classroom activities, lectures, films, practical exercises and physical training, simulating the police recruit training experience.
The program emphasizes courtesy, professionalism, respect and teamwork. Additional presentations will include strategies for anger management, conflict resolution and cultural diversity.
Additional subjects matters presented include:
  • Crime scene investigation techniques
  • Motor Vehicle Law and Safety
  • Search warrant executions and tactical demonstrations
  • Motor Vehicle Car Stops
  • Self Defense instruction
  • Guest speakers from the various law enforcement field
At the conclusion of the week, there will be a graduation ceremony for family and friends to attend in support of their cadet.
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