Sane-Sart Recruitment: Help Wanted

Cumberland County Prosecutor’s Office and Salem County Prosecutor’s Office have a joint Sexual Assault Response Team/Forensic Nurse Examiner Program.

Forensic Nurses offer compassionate, prompt care to victims of sexual assault. Qualified through specialized forensic nursing education, they assess and evaluate injuries that a victim has suffered. A forensic nurse will locate, collect and package forensic evidence relevant to the crime, provide information or referrals regarding the victim and serve as a witness who offers expert testimony based on their documented evidence.
Through their work and dedication, forensic nurses have a profound effect on the criminal justice system and the public at large.

A forensic nursing certification can lead to a career that makes a difference to the health of patients, the victims whose voices they represent and the communities they improve as a result of their expertise and compassion.


-NJ Registered Nurse license in good standing; and
-Two years nursing experience.

Interested candidates should contact:

Lyndsay Mortimer, BSN, RN, FN-CSA
SART/FNE Coordinator
Salem/Cumberland County Prosecutor’s Offices

Work: 856-469-3558
Office: 856-935-7510 Ext. 8124