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Community Justice

Community Programs

Diversity In Law Enforcement Academy (DILEA)

DILEA Youth Week is a youth education program developed by the Salem County Prosecutor’s Office. This program presents simulated law enforcement programs for male and female students who are entering heir junior year or entering their senior year of High School.The week’s activities include lectures and presentations covering many facets of police work and criminal justice. Participants will be exposed to a disciplined quasi-military environment, including military drill in combination with structured fast moving programs of classroom activities, lectures, films, practical exercises and physical training, simulating the police recruit training experience.

The program emphasizes courtesy, professionalism, respect and teamwork. Additional presentations will include strategies for anger management, conflict resolution and cultural diversity.

Additional subjects matters presented include:

  • Crime scene investigation techniques
  • Motor Vehicle Law and Safety
  • Search warrant executions and tactical demonstrations
  • Motor Vehicle Car Stops
  • Self Defense instruction
  • Guest speakers from the various law enforcement field

At the conclusion of the week, there will be a graduation ceremony for family and friends to attend in support of their cadet.

DILEA Class #1

DILEA Class #6

Talk To Your Kids About Gangs

Please visit – https://www.njoag.gov/

School Presentations

Since the inception of the Community Partnership Unit, The Special Operations Division with the assistance of the Narcotics Division and the Violent Crimes Division has made a wide variety of presentations at schools throughout the County.  These presentations have involved students from grades K through 12 in addition to teachers and school administrators.  The following is a breakdown and summary of these presentations:

Fan Violence

Community Partnership Unit has participated in various sports related activities providing information on the prevention of fan violence at youth sports events.

Prom Tragedy  

The Community Partnership Unit teamed with the New Jersey Department of Corrections provided a presentation involving state prison inmates who have been convicted of vehicular homicide.  In addition, presentations were made by a representative from the Vehicular Homicide Platoon and the Narcotics Division who emphasized the effects/penalties for being under the influence and operating a motor vehicle.

Project Pride  

Project Pride was the precursor presentation to the Prom Tragedy presentation and is conducted jointly with the New Jersey Department of Corrections.  The program emphasized right choices in life and is generally presented to high schools.  The Salem County Health Department also participates in this project.

In-Service for Substance Abuse Counselors  

The Narcotics Division provides updated information to School Substance abuse counselors on drug trends, narcotics identification, and distributes literature on same.

Vehicular Homicide Presentation  

Members of the Salem County Prosecutor’s Office Vehicular Homicide Platoon have conducted presentations discussing criminal consequences to driving under the influence.

Presentation to School AD’s and Coaches on Enhancement Drugs  

The Community Partnership Unit provides detailed information to Coaches and AD’s during presentations on the dangers of performance enhancing drugs including Anabolic Steroids, Creation, and Ephedrine.  The presentation includes a block on fan/athlete violence as well.

  • Crime Prevention
  • Careers in the Criminal Justice System
  • Crimes Against the Elderly
  • Crime Scene Investigations
  • Insurance Fraud
  • Bias/Hate Crimes
  • Criminal Justice System
  • Cultural Diversity
  • Domestic Violence
  • Megan’s Law
  • Missing Children (CART)
  • Sexual Assault/Dating Violence
  • Active Shooter-Administration/Teachers
  • Bullying/Cyberbullying Prevention
  • Internet Safety
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