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Diversity in Law Enforcement Academy

2022 SCPO Diversity in Law Enforcement Recruiting and Hiring

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DILEA Youth Week is a youth education program developed by the Salem County Prosecutor’s Office. This program presents simulated law enforcement programs for male and female students who are entering their junior year or entering their senior year of High School.

The week’s activities include lectures and presentations covering many facets of police work and criminal justice. Participants will be exposed to a disciplined quasi-military environment, including military drill in combination with structured fast moving programs of classroom activities, lectures, films, practical exercises and physical training, simulating the police recruit training experience.

The program emphasizes courtesy, professionalism, respect and teamwork. Additional presentations will include strategies for anger management, conflict resolution and cultural diversity.

Additional subject matters presented include:

  • Crime scene investigation techniques
  • Motor Vehicle Law and Safety
  • Search warrant executions and tactical demonstrations
  • Motor Vehicle Car Stops
  • Self Defense instruction
  • Guest speakers from the various law enforcement field

At the conclusion of the week, there will be a graduation ceremony for family and friends to attend in support of their cadet.




Class 3 pic

Class 3


Class 2

Class 2


Class 1

Class 1


DILEA Qualifications / Requirements

  • Students must be enrolled in 9th to 12th grade.
  • Good reputation and sound moral character
  • Must be recommended by a Sponsor
  • Must be in good academic standing
  • Must be able to participate in physical fitness activities
  • Must be able to participate in a structured well disciplined program
  • No smoking or other tobacco products permitted

Personal Grooming
It is the policy of this Academy that all DILEA Week attendees be neat, clean, well-groomed and present a professional appearance. To achieve the intent of that policy, reasonable grooming regulations have been established. These regulations take into consideration contemporary standards, uniformity, neatness, and safety.

A.  Required Daily Attire

1.  All Cadets

a.  Khaki/tan/light colored pants

1.  Conservative clothing is to be worn. Pants are to be worn at traditional lengths, low cut pants that expose undergarments are not permitted.

b.  One inch thick belt (black in color – preferred)

c.  Class shirt (provided by program)

d.  Hat (provided by program)

e.  Socks

f.  Sneakers must be worn. See section E subsection 1 letter a

B.  Male Cadets

1.  Hair

a.  Hair shall be neatly trimmed, combed or brushed.

b.  Hair shall be cut to present a tapered appearance

c.  Hair shall not interfere with the proper wearing of any authorized uniform headgear.

d.  Properly shaven at all times. No mustache, beard or sideburns.

C.  Female Cadets

1.  Hair

a.  The length, bulk, or appearance of natural hair shall not be excessive, ragged, or unkempt.

b.  Hair shall be neatly groomed.

c.  Shall be groomed in front so that it does not fall below the band of properly worn uniform headgear.

d.  A bun or twist is permitted on the top back of the head provided if it is worn in a neat manner and does not interfere with the wearing of uniform headgear.

2.  Finger nails

a.  Fingernails shall be cleaned and trimmed. Nails shall not extend beyond the tips of the fingers.

b.  Fingernail polish, if worn, shall be clear.

3.  Brassieres that provide adequate support shall be worn.

D.  Jewelry

1.  No visible jewelry of any kind may be worn above the shoulders while in uniform. This also includes jewelry below the shoulders (i.e. belly rings).

2.  Jewelry which detracts from the professional appearance and which constitutes a safety hazard, is not permitted.

E.  Additional Points of Note

1.  Footwear

a.  No flip flops, slides, sandals or open-toed shoes.

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