Forensic nurse examiners offer compassionate, prompt care to victims of sexual assault. Qualified through a specialized forensic nursing education, they assess and evaluate injuries that a victim has suffered. A forensic nurse will also locate, collect and package forensic evidence relevant to the crime and provide information or referrals regarding the victim’s continued care. In the court room, forensic nurse examiners represent the victim serving as an expert witness who offers testimony based on their documented evidence.

Through their work and dedication, forensic nurses have a profound effect on the criminal justice system and the public at large. A forensic nursing certification can lead to a career that makes a difference to the health of the patients, the victims whose voices they represent and the communities they improve as a result of their expertise and compassion.


Interested Registered Nurses with a minimum of two years nursing experience and NJ Licensure in good standing.

Please contact Forensic Nurse Examiner/Sexual Assault Response Team Coordinator:
Toni Lou Cataldi, BSN, RN, FN-CSA, SANE-A, SANE-P
856-935-7510 x8124  | 

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